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stem/bars to low,help!!

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Hi all,i`m new to this site.Can any body give me any tips for raising the handle bar height on a specialed hard rock? i`m not sure what to do,but looking at the bars,there is a few spacers under the stem and it looks like its at it max height already.It looks like the steer tube could do with being longer,then i could pack more spacers under it.I mentioned this to a bloke at a local bike shop,but he said it cant be done,and sold me a part which goes inside the steer tube,then tightens up whith an allen key.(it looks to me like a thing for converting from the cheap type of stem which fastens in the tube with a wedge)But it wont go in the bloody tube because there is a nut in there which the bolt and washer on top of the stem screws into.
Hope somebody can understand all this waffle and give me some advice :?
Regards,Steve ... &x=21&y=17
See item at top of list


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