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I am 15 yars old and have started to get into racing and only have sundays free for training and was not sure where to start when it comes to training long rides or short intensize ones? Core work? Some ideas i would be very gratefull. I currently race in fun category and came 47/90 with no training and started in the middle of the starting block and didnt loseany possition but instead overtook quiet a few people on the fireroads connecting the singletrack and the uphills.



  • jwestonjweston Posts: 37
    If you only have one day free for training, just get out and ride the trails for as long as you can. Doing long rides will build your endurance, and build your base level a fitness.

    Make sure you build the duration of your rides gradually from what you ride now though, or you could over exhaust yourself.

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  • I started when I was about your age or a bit younger (now nearly 18). At 15 I would not worry about a training programme at all. At 15 your fitness should be a lot better than older riders anyway. I entered my first ever event (55miles) and I did really well without pure training. As the above forumer said, go on long bike rides and ENJOY more than anything, and your fitness will quickly build up without you noticing it.
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  • once a week, just go out and ride as hard as you can. Once your bike specific fitness is a bit better, start looking at your weak areas with specific targeted training.
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