do i have to use UST tyres with UST rims?

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I have ust rims on my orange five do i have to replace them with a ust tire or can i put anything on them

I assume if i do put any old tire on them the seal would not be as good but i use a sealant anyway so i assume this wouldn@t really matter

i only ask as the ust specific tires weigh a tonne compared to non ust ones




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    More like a stupid topic heading!

    there are never stupid questions.
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    UST tyres work better with tubeless.

    If weight is your worry I would look at the Tubeless Ready tyres from Bontrager and Hutchinson. They have a tubless bead and are designed for use with sealant but are barely heavier than standars tyres.
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    I remember reading ages ago that there's one combination which is not recommended, but can't remember whether it was UST-rim/Standard tyre or visa versa! :oops:

    I however have ignored that bit of advice, and have run a combination of UST/UST, UST/Standard, and Standard/UST for the last two years (obviously not all at once as I don't own a trike! :shock: ) without any mishaps.

    At the moment I have a standard Kenda BB8 on a Mavix UST rim and despite taking a few rides to seal completely it's been fine.

    Standard-tyres still "pop" when they seat in UST rims and seat well, the only problem is that their side-walls tend to be very porus and take a reasonable amount of sealant and time to completely seal. Make sure the rim-bead is completely clean too!

    As BlackSpur said, Tubeless Ready tyres are a good halfway-house, I have a pair of Bonty Mud-X TR's which I use during the winter.