Roadie coming to the dark side

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Well just recently bought bike number 4 courtesy of ride to work scheme , any money I can keep out of that b***ard browns' hands the better. Did not need another road bike so bought a mountain bike , natch paid a shed load more than was covered by ride to work but hey ho that's bike addiction for you. Now I have done a coulple of days at gorrick and blow me down if I dont just love it . So here is my question to all you xperts where else is worth a visit within an hour of London is there anywhere comparable with Gorrick ?

Going to the Afan forest next month pretty stoked about that any advice for you veterans?


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    esher shore and chicksands should be inside that radius
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    you mean you have seen the light :lol:
    Dont look at it-ride it! they are tools not f*cking ornaments

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    rhyko7 wrote:
    you mean you have seen the light :lol:

    Please rename thread: "Roadie coming from the dark side" ;)
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    tillytubby wrote:
    Going to the Afan forest next month pretty stoked about that any advice for you veterans?

    I'd love to have the experience of the first time riding at Afan again. More fun than you can shake a fork at. Only advice would be not to order too much food at the Drop Off cafe after your ride, the portions require dedication.
  • Wendover woods,Epping Forest,Woburn Sands,Swinley forest Leith Hill area,are all within an hours drive of London.
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  • cheers lads I am out again this weekend just can,t get enough . Is it worth going at night ?
  • yes but remember there are no lamps or cat eyes in the forests :lol:
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    The Surrey Hills is definitely worth visiting. If you're not afraid of long rides you can access it all from Dorking Station. If you don't mind changing trains at Guildford or Dorking you could try riding from Gomshall station.

    These guys do guided rides in the area if you want to find out where all the trails are really quickly, and they don't mind if you way point the trail heads on your GPS as you go around:

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