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lay back seat post

skellator3skellator3 Posts: 200
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my partner has a bike shes had for ages and is not ridding it because she is not comfy on it because of the reach to the bars
The thing is it has a lay back suspension seat post is it possible to reverse this so thay the seat will be closer to the bars

some scrot at a bike shop has sold her a gents bike as she is 6 foot tall geometry all wrong for her but cant justify a new bike at the mo

so all advice please

i have put a shorter stem on already
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  • neebneeb Posts: 4,467
    It's highly unlikely you will be able to reverse the seatpost because the part to which the saddle is attached will then be at an extreme angle and you probably won't be able to get the saddle flat. Besides, it's not really designed for that... Best bet is to get a straight seatpost without any layback and put the saddle forward as far as possible... BUT ideally you shouldn't really be adjusting the saddle position to change the reach to the bars, only to get the correct position over the pedals. Reach to bars should be determined by top tube length, stem, etc. As well as getting a shorter stem, a higher one (angled up) will also reduce reach a little (as well as giving a more upright position). Also, you can reduce reach by a centimeter or more (on a drop bar road bike) just by fiddling around with the angle of the bars and the position of the levers.

    What's the stem length at the moment? Is it flat or reversed?
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Depends on the design of the seatpost and whether the angle of the head allows it to be switched - most cannot. Suggest you try swapping for an zero setback post in order to bring the saddle forward - if you are in need of a forward facing post, then suggest that the handling of the bike may be compromised by having the weight too far forward and you really need a smaller frame.
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    +1 for what neeb has posted
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