Spoke for RS20 Rear

Percy Vera
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I am looking for a Shimano Spoke (Silver) (Code: 012 AD00-2) 300mm Straight Pull for a Rear RS20 wheel. Apparently Madison have discontinued.

Does anyone have any or know where I can get one?

Or, does anyone know what other spoke will do the job?

Straight Pull

I've tried a few bike shops with no joy! Thanks.


  • I've been looking for a black one for 3 months now so good luck. My LBS and online retailers haven't been able to help and Madison don't replay to my emails.
    I think there is a problem with the spokes snapping and they are in short supply. I also think that the spoke code has now changes and is now 302mm long instead of 300mm but it's still discontinued!
    I can't believe that spare parts aren't available for a wheel that is still in production and despite it being a good performing wheel for the price I would avise anyone to avoid RS20s.
    I'm going to replace it with a custom wheel set which has readily available spares, lesson learnt.......
  • keef66
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    They are listed on Madison's website as 302mm in black or silver for £2.99, but the site was taking so long to refresh I can't tell you if it was possible to order or not.

    I have Rs10s so am more than a little concerned. These wheels have been supplied on hundreds of big name bikes fo over a year, so you'd think the spares would be readily available :evil:
  • I got one from Edinburgh Bike in the summer. Good luck
  • You can't order from the Madison site - it just tells you were your nearest dealer is who then tells you they can't get them, ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I got a rear spoke last December from Petra cycles but they kept putting delivery for the new 302mm side back and now it's not listed. I also found them on SBR sports and ordered but they are now saying they are discontinued.

    I won't buy Shimano wheels again.
  • Percy Vera
    Percy Vera Posts: 1,103
    Luckily I didn't buy these wheels, they came with the 2nd hand bike I bought.

    I've since found out the wheels have been discontinued, but I've been told the parts should still be readily available.

    I have ordered a lovely pair of hand built Open Pros on Ultegra Hubs which should be here tomorrow :D

    If I find a replacement spoke I will let you know. I've also been looking for a substitute spoke but they are like hens teeth!

    Anyone want to buy a pair of RS20's (once fixed)? :D
  • I'm doing the same thing and getting Open Pros on Ultegra or maybe Hope