bike toolset needed preferably budget

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Recently got into biking again after long absence as a way to improve my health/fitness. Rather than relying on LBS everytime, I rather service and maintain my own bike(s).

So i need a good bike toolset. One that be good for upgrading old bike technology to new ideally. I not bothered about quality, rather that i have at least a tool for the job. I have plenty of allen keys already.

Few tools i know i will need and be handy in the near future.

BB socket wrench.
BB tool for square taper(other BB tools be welcome for future upgrades)
Spoke tensioner
Cone wrench
Chain whip
Cassette remover

I prefer to have all necessary tools to hand for now and in the future. Is there a good value all-in-one toolset to cover nearly every eventuality?



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    I am looking at this one and as I also have a £5 off voucher :)
  • Not bad set. It be cheaper than buying the tools separately. As i new to BB, I end up buying(annoyingly) the wrong BB tool etc. That is why i like the toolset for different upgrades.

    How much to spend to qualify for a voucher? :)

    edit: I found some upto date voucher codes.
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    From what I can see, there does not seem to be much in the sets other than price but from what I had read on here, Ice toolz are ok.

    Can see the big difference in price and will be getting the Halfords one myself as it will cost me about £20, Halfords near me still has them for £25 ( dont think they have chanced the sign :wink: )

    Got the voucher after being almost press ganged into being a Marshal at Skyride which also came with a free ticket to the bike show :D
  • I found Argos one for £29.99 but not as good. No chainwhip even. ... 3EBIKE.htm

    The Halford's seem's to be the best budget one to go for.

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    Something that costs as much as a single quality tool isn't going to last very long imo. Halfords one and the Lidl one and ones like this are cheap for a reason.

    Much better to get single tools of a better quality and build your tool kit up that way. Then you have some decent tools which will last.
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    Not all cheap tools are rubbish as I have seen over the years but you are whole most cheap tools are not that great.

    I have some tools from Lidl's and they have lasted years so I would not write they tools off.
    Have you use any of they stuff?
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    Yes i have one of their tool kits purchased a couple of years ago, and some of the tools have literally fallen apart upon use. The chain whip in particular was just crap.

    I just think it isn't worth it with these cheap kits.
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    IMO good quality tools are a must, but don't always have to cost the earth.

    I once got a cheapy brief case style tool kit from Merlin. I found the tools were of very poor quality even for the money I paid and ended up returning it. So would advise to try and spend a little more.

    I ended up buying this but found it for considerably less than RRP. There is also a smaller set
  • Cheap tool are no doubt nasty quality, tools snap in half, ends wear away etc. but for odd jobs and all you can afford, they better than nothing. One tool can cost £12.99. How many times will i use certain tools like the chainwhip?, not many.

    I had a seized peddle and didn't have a long wrench for leverage. I borrowed a quality short thick spanner. It took 4 hours of heaving and hoing to the extreme at every turn to get it off and bent the spanner, but i got that pedal off!

    The smaller Lifeline kit that jairaj mentioned seems abit better quality for little more.
  • Mister W
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    I have a box of Lidl tools that was a complete bargain. The tyre levers aren't great and the pedal spanner is a bit short for really tight pedals but everything else works perfectly and the whole box cost less than £10!
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    I'm with all the naysayers here. Buy a cheap tool and you end up buying twice (or three times depending on how long it takes you to learn your lesson :wink: ).

    Good tools should last a lifetime and are a joy to use.

    It's your money but I don't want you crying when a dodgy allen key takes your leg off...
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    Mister W wrote:
    I have a box of Lidl tools that was a complete bargain. The tyre levers aren't great and the pedal spanner is a bit short for really tight pedals but everything else works perfectly and the whole box cost less than £10!

    I was looking at getting one myself and am now kicking myself for not doing it when they had them in.
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    I got the Halfords one and the spoke key the the is made by IceToolz and would not be surprised if it was all made by them.