Dura Ace 7850cl where from?

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£525 at Merlin

...is that as good a price as possible, and there is no 'this years / last years' thing going on here or anything??

...any better deals... or a mad one on some Fulcrum Zeros ??


  • inseine
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    I paid 550 euros, which at the time was about £470 but it's not so good now, from bike discount in Germany. £525 is the best I've seen in the UK. Great wheels BTW.
  • morrisje
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    I think there is a case of pre GCP crash and post crash. The RPI for these wheels is now £680. Even Wiggle are asking £616 for a pair.

    Maybe the Merlin ones are older stock from before the value of the pound reduced against the Yen and Euro
  • maddog 2
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    I think you'll struggle to beat 525

    CRC has them up for 540 but not currently in stock. Ribble is knocking on 600 but again, no stock.
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  • northpole
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    click on original link and they are £475 now!

  • wicked
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    Thanks a lot! :D
    Always thought if they came back down funder £500 I would have a pair. So I have just had to order them!
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  • Great wheels at any price under £600, paid £360 but cant offer you help at that price, £475 is still a bargain for a top of the range wheelset.

    The ride brilliantly.