8yr olds seeking sex changes...

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Young boys, wanting to be girls at age 8+. With parental support!
I don't see why this should be sensationalised on the TV.
Jeez, that's messed up.

Only in America... I hope! :oops:
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  • I watched the broadcast and went into it with a similar mindset to yourself (only in America etc). My partner watched it as well but more from an educational standpoint as she is a child psychologist. At first I thought that this is wrong and that giving an 8 year old 'boy' female hormones to stave off male puberty until they're old enough to make an informed choice about further treatment was just lazy medical practice. This was until I saw the mother of one of these kids talk about how she went up to the families bathroom to investigate why her child was in there for so long and discovered that the boy was holding a pair of nail clippers in one hand and his penis in the other. The mother was understandably upset reliving this episode and explained that from that moment she felt that she had been abusing her child by not allowing her son to be a girl. The clinical term for this condition is gender dysphoria.
    I just thought to myself, "what would I do?" if I was a parent in that situation.

    http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Gender-dys ... ition.aspx
    Let's close our eyes and see what happens
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    i think it is very easy to sit from afar and say this or that....

    like all show no go says.....the poor woman who found their child trying to pluck up the courage to chop off what in their head is a birth defect (this was the language the mother used on the programme...) must spin your mind....

    Gender Dysphoria is a real condition and quite topical considering the recent Athletics stuff going on.....

    I have read articles and seen documentaries about kids who are born with damn close to both sexes and the doctor basically decides which it is going to be...i wonder how many of them have gotten it wrong...

    Interesting programme though...
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