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recovering from Injury

jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
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im sorry if this has already been done but im wanting some advise on how to recover from a bad accident.

on Thursday i took a jump wrong and consequently ended up with the out chain ring slicing my leg about 3 inches wide both ways and 1cm deap. my legs got around 35 stitches binding the muscle and skin together but apparently i should be able to do light cycling by the 27th of this month.

i was wondering what i should do as i dont want to re-open it by training to much but i dont want to get unfit especially as winters ace for training.

any tips and tricks?

much appreciated :D


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    not a lot you can do. Rest and let yourself recover. I'd spend it doing a bit of core work, maybe try and borrow a turbo trainer and do a bit of single leg stuff.
  • ouch, there isn't a lot you can do with a wound like that in terms of cycling. As mentioned the best thing to do is just chill and recover which is what your body will want it to do. Accidents like this take a lot out of you not just the obvious abrasion so let your body come to terms with it. Regards fitness you will loose some top end speed but for you to loose considerable and noticable fitness its estimated to take at least 6 weeks of no exercise at all. I'm just recovering from a broken hand so I can appreciate the frustration but seriously take your time, the bike and the trails aren't going anywhere
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  • jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
    how long should i take it easy for? injury was on thursday and stiches out on the 26th ... :? i probably wont go all out straight away but i wont do much at all for another month or so if its advised. i usually cycle to work and college would 3.5mile sprints be ok?
  • I defo wouldn't ride until the stitches are out then if you feel like the wound has closed well enough you could get back on (only u can be the judge of this) If you feel confident to ride again then start off very easy and build up from there DON'T go racing/sprinting to work just ride steady and slow you don't wanna put any unnecessary pressure on the injury. You will probably find when u get back on the bike you are riding a bit subdued anyway, this is good.
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  • jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
    ok thank you. i guess my commutes to work and college will ease me in ill just leave earlier and ride slower. thank for the advice :D
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