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Cannock today...

slimboyjimslimboyjim Posts: 367
edited November 2009 in Routes
Since there seems to be a fair amount of doom and gloom on here today, so I thought I'd share with everyone that I had a really good time at Cannock today! (Saying that, if I'd come across anyone riding the wrong way on a fireroad my day would have been ruined :roll: )

I did a skills course there with Cycleactive (I would recommend this by the way) a weekend or two ago and it's made a notable improvement - I have probably ridden the trails 5-10 times but screamed through it today! I felt so much faster and more confident it was a revelation! I also did the skinny log bit (having only successfully completed it once before I was bricking it on the approach but decided to MTFU only to sail across it like it was nothing - it's all in the head!) which cheered me up immensely, particularly as I did it in front of my mate who was too scared. :P Also saw some deer...

Finally, I decided to go for an explore and happened upon the new black that's being built (No, I didn't ride it (too many trees blocking the way :D ) and didn't go past any 'No entry signs') and it looks fantastic. The bit I found had some really nice steep bermed switchbacks, rock features being put in, and a couple of nice drops - rollable but turning into a nice double if you're better than me. I won't say where it is for obvious reasons but it got me REALLY excited - does anyone know when it's due to open? Can't find anything on Oh, and thanks to the people who are putting it together - you look like you are doing an awesome job - I'll try to join you on a build day sometime to say thanks properly!

Happy riding!



  • lm_treklm_trek Posts: 1,470
    I think the planned opening is next year sometime, some idiots keep trying to ride it, thus making the opening longer and longer for us bikers who are waiting for the official opening!

    If you fancy speeding things up, you could always join one of the build days?? normally on sundays, details on the chasetrails forum when its back up and running.

    Some new things happening to FTD as well around about the same time as phase 2 opening! next year is going to be great!
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    hello, the new section , phase 2 is due to open spring 2010, its all on chase trails web site, although there forum is down at the mo, where abouts did you see the new stuff ?
    was down there last week an ventured over the road at the top of the chain slapper and discovered some good stuff, a lot less riden, and also some new track being built,which off couse we did not ride.
    back down there again tomorrow
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    slimboyjim wrote:
    I also did the skinny log bit
    You are da man =]
    slimboyjim wrote:
    I decided to go for an explore and happened upon the new black...does anyone know when it's due to open?
    Easter 2010, although MXrs and pedestrians seem to think it's open now. The last bit of Follow The Dog from the Chainslapper onwards is also being moved over to the other side of the road and made more 'gnarly'.

    The blog is updated regularly
  • bamba - I'm pretty sure we're on about the same section of trail, although I came to it from the bottom of the hill :( It was a long winding singletrack trail through the trees, pretty much ending at the Trail Centre. Didn't have enough time to climb all the way to the top though - where does it start from? Can you give directions?

    I'll probably investigate over the road from the chainslapper next time I visit, although it is a shame to miss the chainslapper out - may do it then cut back on myself from the top of that steep hill bit... Are there any other bits you would recommend exploring? It's nice to get off the Dog every now and again to keep it fresh!

    Keep meaning to do a build day - problem is I work shifts and only get the one weekend off a month, which I usually have to divert towards wife/kid... D'Oh! Still, I'll do my best...


    PS. .blitz - Curse you for praising me! Now I'll get all cocky and fall in! :roll:
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    slimboyjim wrote:
    Are there any other bits you would recommend exploring?
    I'm biased because I live less than a mile from the Chase but I think it's all pretty good.

    Over the road from the top of the Chainslapper, through the campsite and across the next road is the North side of the Chase which has loads of natural singletrack, easy fireroads and non-techy double track. The SEA (where P2 is being built) is on the other side of the A460 and is much quieter and (relatively) more hilly than the rest of the Chase. Some of the runs on Stile Cop DH are do-able without a proppa DH bike (YMMV).

    You will need a few visits to get your head round it all but take a map and just follow your nose. Although it seems confusing at first, once you emerge from a particularly buff section of singletrack onto a familiar fireroad it all starts to fall into place.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    as blitz. cross over the road before you go down the chain slapper around the metal bar/gate ,we bear'd slight off to the right before the trees then just kind off follow you nose, been back again today and ended up doing diiferent a route to thursday.
    some really good tracks in the woods a lot more off the beaten track , not sure where the proper start point is,
  • Bamba - did that yesterday and it is the same route. Unfortunately it had been raining heavily and was super muddy all the way down. I don't mind getting dirty but you couldn't really get any speed up in any of the sections as a result. Definately more of a dry route I think! Had a stupid off getting cocky on some off camber leaves too :lol:

    Found a nice little practice jump area too - head straight across the road and rather than turn right just carry on straight up the doubletrack. About 100m up it opens up (this may be the campsite .blitz described?) and theres a nice big bomb hole with a few different options on it.

    I think I'll continue exploring over there a bit more when I next return...

  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    There are regular fast/social rides on the Midlands MTB Forum if you want to tag along.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    cheers ,i'l have a look for said bomb hole next time could do with a good place to practice jumps other than on the DH course where i will prob die if it goes wrong,
    i was over there yesterday (wed'd) it was super wet an slippy, good fun though, my only off was on FTG on the skinny board walk, ouch ! still hurting now
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    forgot to mention if you look on youtube, under monkey trail there are some clips of places ive still not seen yet.
    love that last bit across from the visitors center with the bumps/humps all in a row
    (sure there's some tech name for them)
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    Phase 2 Big Build Day - Sunday 15th November
    Meet Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre 10am


    Autumn and winter are a great time for trailbuilding and with only a few months to go before the official opening of Phase 2 next Easter we need as much help as we can get to make sure everything is finished and ready to ride. We're looking forward to catching up with our growing number of 'Big Build Day regulars' and also welcoming new faces coming trail building for the first time.

    We'll be returning once again to 'section H'. Parking will be at Beaudesert Old Park carpark. Anyone out riding who wants to find us look for the gazebo towards the top of the trail up near 5 ways.

    Food this month will be Jackets potatoes with bean / chilli / cheese. Mmmm

    This months raffle will feature brand new and exclusive Chase Trails T Shirts. In fact these are so exclusive even our regular weekly trail crew can't get their hands on them.

    If anyone wants more details or has questions please post or pm me.

    Hope to see lots of you on Sunday,
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