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Halfords Carrera Vanquish

backmarker09backmarker09 Posts: 2
edited October 2009 in Road beginners
Hi Everyone

Im about to buy myself a new bike. i only have £500 aside for one, and the vanquish seems the best buy in terms of spec.

Was wondering if anyone has one? or knows much about them?
Are they good bikes?
How much do they weigh?

Any info will be much appreciated!




  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    Click on spec for details.

    For its price range its pretty good. Some others would disagree simply as its a halfords bike.
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    I had a look at one in the summer, for £500 with Tiagra I reckon it's a pretty good buy.

    Weighs in at around 21lbs AFIK
  • MikeWWMikeWW Posts: 723
    Bought one for one of my lads and they are not a bad bike.
    Reasonable group set for the money
    Square taper bottom bracket so a bit flexy and standard not oversized bars
    Bought a Specilaized Allez at the same time and although its a touch more it seems are far nicer bike
  • xRichxxRichx Posts: 63
    I had one for a year as my first 'proper' race bike... Pretty impressed with it to be honest. Pretty much better setup than any other bike for that price.
    Like mike said, the BB is a bit flexy (never really noticed too much until I got my cube) but definitely feel the difference now. Shame the spec has gone from a 105 group to the Tiagra tho!

    Then again, if you don't mind going second hand, then you can find some pretty nice bikes for that money.
  • aspockaspock Posts: 21
    If you ask them to search you may be able to find that they still have some of the 07 model about reduced to £260 and has Tiagra rather than Sora.

    I just got one with a missing mech hanger and wheels for next to nowt.

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