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Cross-USA Summer 2010

halroberts87halroberts87 Posts: 2
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Hi there,
Me and a friend are planning an unassisted charity ride across the States next summer, following a vaguely NYC - San Francisco route (needs to be finalised!!) for Cancer Research. I was just wondering if anyone had any particular tips to pass on? I've done a bit of touring before, as in LE-JO'G a few years back, but that was not with panniers or camping equipment like we're planning this time...

Yet to pick myself a bike for the trip, I've currently got a fairly bog standard racer, but am definitely looking to upgrade to something which will hold a bit of weight. Being a student I am on a bit of a budget, I am currently weighing up the pros and cons of either a Ridgeback Horizon, or a Specialized Tricross which I can have lots of fun on when I'm home again...
If anyone has any tips or experience on this, some advice would be great!


  • The Adventure Cycling Association (like UK SUSTRANS) is a good start for maps etc of different routes across America, help with routes that ain't so busy!

    plus they have some GPS waymark point stuff .GPX data that might come in handy for planning routes if you have the software etc to do your planning with.
    might give you some info as well in helping plan your ride.
    are great and might just help you also

    If your pretty much winging it then good luck! and hope you don't get too lost out there

    gearwise - less is more. take the basics and get the rest as you go.

    all the best to you and enjoy the ride
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