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24" Cyclocros tyres for an Isla Luath 24?

james2764james2764 Posts: 7
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Just bought my son an Isla Luath 24, Superb bike and service, ordered Monday delivered Wednesday. Got it with road tyres as i thought it wouldn't be a problem getting cyclocross type tyres for it, or so i thought! Got a set of Continental Explorer 24 x 1.75 but not enough clearance, need 24 x 1.25" any ideas. Maxxis Locust 24 cx where suggested but can't find them online. Might need to go back to Isla bikes but was looking to avoid another £12 postage.


  • IslaIsla Posts: 1
    Hi James,

    Islabikes sell the cyclo cross tyres you require and we don't charge £12.00 to deliver tyres - thats just for bikes! Give us a call if you would like some.

    Our 24" tyres are 507 diameter, I think the Maxxix ones are 541 so won't fit.

  • any one that have find a spike tires that fit this Bike?
    i can only find 47-507 (24" x 1.75) and gues that bikest is 24X 1.5
    like this one ... 0000019562
    have not order a bike yet due to i need to find spike to it since my kid use the bike in the winter time :)
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