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change in path?

fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
edited October 2009 in MTB general
i think due to my current state i may have to re think my riding style, normly fast donil and agressive pump tracks with average size dirt jumps. I am considering going to single track loops as there is one fairly close to my grandparents house.

I think after my knock on my head and my cureently wanked ankle i will be investing in a full face helmet whether my parents like it or not and always wearing m knee and shin pads.

found out if i wasnt wearing my helmet i would of been knocked out and most likley have a concusion. if i had no leg pads on i would of had a broken tibia or fibula so thank god for my pads supporting my leg. If i had no core suit on i would of had 2 broken ribs, instead i oly have 3 bruised ribs so another lucky escape there.

so hopefully geting a new full face, new wheel build, and i found out

dreading tommorow as if its the brake or fracture out of sodding work and school is gonna be hard as i'm on a sports course !

curewntly feel a tad sad and depressed over the situation as i should be at the pyramids swim centre with my mates, a trip which i organised!

rant over

hopefully my x ray will win the mbuk dirt section prize, i could do woth some new shoes :)


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