Night fun.. but a bit different!

The Northern Monkey
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I got bored so have just been out on the streets for the past hour, riding the NS.

I wound the travel down to 115mm, upped the compression a tad and OMG.

The bike completley changed. From a big hitting burly hardtail to a super nimble street shreder! It was great!

Just went around finding drops, stairs and a few jumps, basically making everything and anything an obstical... twas great fun! espacially with everywhere so quiet and empty :) Everythign was just flat calm and peacfull, really surreal!

Might try and get the go-pro out if/when I go again!


  • Whytepeak
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    Riding through Tremolat at 11:30 pm was brilliant, so I know what your saying.

    Did the church bells ring just as you were passing?
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  • lol nuh, that would have sh*t me right up though!
    It eeerily quiet... raced a bus home too :D
  • RealMan
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    screw the church bells, how about that downtube..