my first true injuring, out of action

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will be out of action for atleast 6 weeks and thats the positive one

messed up big time on a jump today straight over handle bars head first into a tree, have serious fooked up my ankle

went to a n e had some x rays - because of sweling they dont know if its soft tissue or a flake fracture(flakes of bone sliced off from impact but still attached to tendons and ligamets)

the soft tissue will be 6 weeks off at the least from riding

the latter will be 4 months and no agresive riding after

I have got a cast on at the mo as the doc wants to be safe rather than sorry and on monday i get the radiographers report on what he thinks it is which decides if cast comes off or a new heavy duty one come on.


absolute agony!!!!!


  • fatwomble
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    Is your foot on your head!!!

    Bad luck though, hope it's the lesser injury. I had 5 weeks without riding due to an injury a few years ago so I know how horrible that can be :(
  • You can still ride in a cast! MTFU :lol:

    Only joking! sounds nasty, hope its just the tissue/a sprain.
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    that sucks mate! i was out for 6 months earlier this year due to a back injury. lets hope its just a bruise and get well soon mate

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  • my helmet hit tree first then left side of face, some how did my ankle in :S

    was wearing piss pot knee n shin pads and a core suit, so it coulda been alot worse

    i also have a puncture wound on the initial swell site from where it swelled so much the skin tore

    over all if you cut a tennis ball in hal n slapped it on my ankle it wat it is size wise

    n cheers guys
  • have now fallen over twice tryin to have a piss
  • Hercule Q
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    Blurring the line between bravery and stupidity since 1986!
  • M1llh0use
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    Hercule Q wrote:

    or it didn't happen???


    Was it at UK bike park? Or at home??
    {insert smartarse comment here}
  • Hercule Q
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    M1llh0use wrote:
    Hercule Q wrote:

    or it didn't happen???


    Was it at UK bike park? Or at home??

    on the way to the toilet?

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  • friend is emailing me a pic of myself on floor holding my broken shoe in agony

    will get a pic of x ray monday

    it was at a local park in a forest
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    How's the tree?


    Speedy recovery.
  • the tree has a massive gash where the bark was ripped off by my helmet, a good reason for the rents to get me a full face but who wears ff for xc?
  • Hercule Q
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    must of been the ugly tree :lol:

    Blurring the line between bravery and stupidity since 1986!
  • the wha?
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    Gutted for you - and hope it heals quick and ok.

    I smashed my ribs three weeks ago, haven't been able to ride or do my daily swim since, it is driving me crazy. I know how it feels to not be able to ride - pretty depressing!

    Rest up, and think about how good it will be when you can get out there again......
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    sucks, hope you get better real fast
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  • get physio, dont wait for weeks on the waiting list, ask for a cancellation or go private but get physio.
  • P-Jay
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    That sucks - I've been out since June, I'm allowed to ride on the road or paths now, hopefully be back off-road Decenber or March depending on how the bone heals.

    Stick to physio, they really know thier onions!

    I'm working to Whistler in Aug/Sept next year XC at Xmas, DH by June, Whistler by Aug/Sept.
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    bigbenj_08 wrote:
    You can still ride in a cast! MTFU :lol:

    Get some spd pedals, screw some cleats into the cast and grow a pair dude :o

    Seriously hope it gets better sooner rather than later.
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  • currently just woken up tie is 12:30

    feel like an arab bal sack which is pretty rough :lol:

    gonna play some cod 4 to cheer me up, i' not allowed to work for 6 weeks no matter what the outcome is tomoz

    dad has just told me my front wheel is buckled :(
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    oh well look on the bright side loadsa time for mw2 :wink:
  • when it comes out...
  • im just back from injury, a flake fractur on my thumb with ligament damage,, i genuinely hope thats not what your injury is mate, i spent 3 months out, surgery and physio, not a good time at all.

    best of luck!!
    i spent all me money on whisky and beer!!!
  • so if mine is a flake its gonna be worse as its on the ankle :(

    i dont want surgery :( or physio :(