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New to somerset looking for group to ride with

johncobbmailjohncobbmail Posts: 2
edited October 2009 in MTB rides

I am john I have moved to somerset 1-2 miles from the quantocks, I am looking for someone or a groups to ride XC with.

I am aefficient in XC/DH rider and am reasonbly fittness level and am hoping to up my fitness,

Looking for a fun social group to ride with

any suggestions or if you know any groups please let me know

thanks john cobb


  • Hi John,

    Although not quite a local (North Devon), I'll be riding up the Quantocks with a few lads from Plymouth on Sunday and you'd be more than welcome to join us.

    There are also quite a few Quantocks locals who regularly post on the Singletrackworld forum.

    Drop me an email at [email protected] if you're keen.
  • joec1joec1 Posts: 494
    hi john. bit further north tha you.. try Spamriding, - salisbury plain area

    or - mostly north wilts - bath - bristol but regularly off to wales, scotland and the peaks - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
  • Hi John

    I've from Somerset - a bit further south than you - Yeovil type area.

    I'm new to this mountain bike lark - but have been meaning to come up to the quantocks shortly.

    If you're looking for a couple of additional riders up the quantocks some time - fraid we're not DHers though! - feel free to post here or PM me.


  • sharkisharki Posts: 14
    Hi john, i'm a Quantocks local and happy to show you around both DH and trail.

    I don't call it xc, mostly pratting about on bikes.

    I'm only free every other weeekend, but as SM said there's plenty more local riders and unorganised rides on STW.

    mail me.

    [email protected]

    same applys to all others interested in Quantocks riding.
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