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Turbo trainer advice

itsnotaboutthebikeitsnotaboutthebike Posts: 50
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So there seems to be a huge amount of choice and a vast price range out there, what would you recomend? fluid of mag? there are some very nice units from cyclops and would possibly go up to the £200 mark (advantage of having birthday close to xmas, one prezie for both lol) I have used a trainer before, but it was quite old and noisey to boot! that was a tacx mag jobbie, not that ridged either, but it did do the job!! :roll: advice please

Just to add to this post, Im an MTBer rather than a roadie so does this make the choice more or less important, I've since had a bit more read of the cycleops web page and the mag unit has pre set resistance curves, easy, road, interval and mountain and the fluid has a progressive curve, which would be more suited to mtb enduro training?????


  • Mmmmmmm no one in the know on this issue then..........looks like I will just have to take the plunge and go with the gut feeling!! probably the fluid trainer as I have suspended floors which magnify any sort of noise!
  • best to ask the roadies as they tend to use them a lot ;)
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  • im a roadie and i have used both cycleops trainers. the magneto which runs on magnents and the fluid which obv runs on fluid. the as far as ride quality goes both are identical as far as i am concern and i have logged plenty of miles on them. the fluid however is a little quieter, allows for a little more resistance, and of course costs more. the magneto however although slightly louder is cheaper. both have lifetime warranties which is good. if it were me i would buy the magneto unless i just had an abundance of money to blow. good luck
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