Foska training jackets -- sleeve length of

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Hi all

As the days get colder, I find myself thinking about getting a Foska bones jacket:


I worry a bit about the sizing, though.

I'm 6' 6 1/2" but very slim, chest size 40. Also have fairly long arms -- well, I guess they're in proportion to my overall height. My shirts have 36" sleeves. Now I've got a M size S/S Foska jersey, which fits very well, despite the offical size chart claiming that it's for a 37-39" chest. I should presumably go up to L at least for the jacket, which is supposedly a 40" chest, but worry about the sleeves, and obviously don't want the body to flap around too much.

Be grateful for any info!


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    I have the same problem. Every cycling jacket I own has a pair of cuffs sewn on the end of the sleeves, courtesy of Mrs Smokin Joe's skill in cutting a length of an old pair of arm warmers and stitching them on.

    Don't the makers realise that you have to stretch forward on a road bike and need a generous sleeve length? We're not all short ar$ed tubbies :evil:
  • Hear hear, it would be nice if some brands offered a long sleeve option -- just like some shirt makers do.

    I must say, though, I've got a Gore Oxygen III waterproof, and the sleeves on that are easily long enough, also when I'm down in the drops. It's an XXL but not too loose around my torso.
  • UPDATE: someone on another forum has just told me that the pit to end of cuff measurement on these jackets in size L is 57cm. To compare, it's a whopping 70cm on my Oxygen jacket!! I could probably get away with 66-67cm -- but certainly not 57 :shock:

    It's great that there's fellow cyclists who are prepared to share this sort of knowledge with each other, but what with internet shopping being more and more important, why can manufacturers still not be bothered to put this kind of info on their websites??

    (Grmbl grmbl :evil:)