Child floats off in hot air balloon

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child now found - ruined good story
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    So this story has made the serious news bullwtins, even the BBC World Service.

  • Dunno, but they seem like a family of attention-seekers somehow, and this a sort of scaled-up 'dog followed me to school' type drama.
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    Seeing the balloon on TV how exactly was the kid suppose to have got inside it? It seemed to be completely sealed!
  • Aha!
    The father of a boy thought to have been carried away by a helium balloon before being found at home has denied that the incident was a media stunt.

    Richard Heene said he was "appalled" at suggestions the disappearance of his son Falcon, six, may have been staged.

    Speaking live on CNN, Falcon had said he heard his family searching for him but stayed quiet because his parents "said that we did this for a show".

    Richard Heene and his wife previously appeared on reality TV show Wife Swap.

    TV network ABC described them as a "storm-chasing, science-obsessed family".

    The balloon drama was also played out on TV, with US networks devoting their airtime to live footage of the balloon over Colorado.

    The balloon landed in fields and was surrounded by rescue vehicles after a two-hour flight.

    But Larimer County sheriff Jim Alderden then announced that the boy had been found alive and well in a box in the attic of his family's house.

    The news delighted both the Heenes and the TV networks, startled by news that the six-year-old was in fact safe and well.

    However, questions over the family's motivation later emerged during a CNN interview.

    Mr Heene was asked by an interviewer to ask his son why he had not emerged from his hiding place when he heard his parents calling out his name.

    Speaking hesitantly at first, Falcon answered: "You had said that we did this for a show."

    Pressed on what his son might have meant, Mr Heene struggled for an answer, saying that his son must have been confused by the family's previous appearance on Wife Swap.

    In a later segment of the interview Mr Heene avoided a request to ask Falcon once again what he meant by his comment, and instead rounded on his questioner.

    "I'm kind of appalled after all the feelings that I went through, up and down, that you guys are trying to suggest something else," he said.

    Jim Alderden, Larimer County sherriff, later said "We intend to go back and further ask the family to co-operate with our investigation."
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    Who names their child "Falcon"?
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  • A manic-depressive?

    Maybe they have money problems and this was an attempt to sell a story to the media? I suppose a hot air balloon incident isn't as bad as pretending your child has been abducted (as Karen Matthews did) but they might still end up in jail or bankrupt if the authorites charge them for the expense.
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    Theres a good story, the kid survived.
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    LangerDan wrote:
    Who names their child "Falcon"?

    'Star Wars' fans with kids born in 2000.
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    Would have been a better story if the kid had fallen out of the balloon, straight down a well. Then we could get Sting to sing some songs.

    I'm guessing the TV movie is already in the schedules for next week?
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    Saw that on TV this morning, how the baby survived I'll never know - that woman must have been terrified, bet she never forgets to put the brake on again!
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    Child blows the lid off the whole damn stunt.

    I think the phrase is 'lol'...
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    Saw that on TV this morning, how the baby survived I'll never know - that woman must have been terrified, bet she never forgets to put the brake on again!

    I have seen it a few times now and its the moment when the Mother tries to grab it but misses then you watch it topple over in front of the Train. Even though the headline says "miraculously survived" I still cringe when it happens.