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I just got my first road bike - a ropey old 12 speed raleigh. I'm not too sure about the brakes - they are single pivot raleigh calipers but I find it hard to center them and the return spring seems to have gone on the rear (I will give it a clean and stuff tongiht which might help but generally they don't inspire much confidence).

So I'd like to replace the calipers/pads/cables etc. Whats the cheapest way to get an acceptable set?
First I thought to look on ebay for an old set of 105 or something, but then I saw on chain reaction SORA for about £15 pair. Do you think I'm better off waiting for a better quality old set on ebay (will I get anything for that price range? - often really even old stuff seems to go for silly money), or would the new sora ones be a better bet?

advice greatfully received...


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    Funnily enough I've used my rebuilt 12 speed Raleigh Triathlon for the first time today and noticed how bad the brakes are (even with new pads). Sorry, can't help with the question, just an agreement - I've got a set of Bianchi branded callipers in my spares box, was going to sell them but may try them out at the weekend.
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    I'd go for the new Sora's. At least then, you'll have a 100% new pair (plus pads) ~ often some "worn" equipment on eBay is actually "worn-out". :wink:
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