First trip to Dalby Forest

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A couple of experienced mates took me and my new MTB out to Dalby Forest yesterday. The weather was gloomy, foggy and wet so the trails were pretty sticky and slimy. I've never been properly mountain biking before so this was all new to me, but one (Matt) is quite enthusiastic about cycling and the other (Mike) works at Evans and goes to Fort William for the world cup downhill course there or something. They decided to throw me in at the deep end and took me straight on the red trail, reasoning that the only way I was going to learn was by doing. 25 miles later I was exhausted, worn out, aching, wet, muddy and...

I bloody loved it! It was the most fun I've had in such a long time, the climbs were brutal (I couldn't hack the last few and had to walk them) and some of the descents were terrifying (again, I passed on the last two really rocky ones) and the whole ordeal highlighted my lack of fitness, but it's definitely the start of a new hobby!

All in all I feel I handled myself quite well, my friends were very patient with me and taught me a lot of good techniques, such as using my weight, the proper way to climb and corner, and on the trickier technical parts we would stop then they would go ahead, so I could watch their lines and try and imitate. Mike in particular, because he sold me my MTB (a Pinnacle Peak 4.0) was watching me ride quite closely, and made a few adjustments to the saddle to make in more comfortable for me. He said for a first timer I did very well, and threw myself into the singletrack sections with confidence. I especially enjoyed all of the flowing sections, and the few small foot high drop-offs were fun, and I only fell off once. I decked it near the bottom of a muddy descent Mike referred to as 'Jurassic Park', but I rolled away from the falling bike, I was unhurt and my bike intact so we all had a bit of a giggle. Matt managed to launch himself over his handlebars twice, and Mike destroyed two brake pads, but other than those mishaps I think we were intact.

Can't wait to get back out there! We;re already talking about taking time off work for longer trips, perhaps to north Wales when I get more confident.
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    Sounds like a fantastic first experience. If you enjoyed Dalby Red route you'll love the North Wales trail centres! I reckon Coed Llandegla might even seem tame after Dalby, but you'll love it never the less.

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