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Transporting bikes in French taxis and Avignon hotels

bipedbiped Posts: 25
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Two of us are arriving late on saturday night in Avignon by train (Avignon TGV). As yet we have not booked anywhere to stay. Does anyone have any experience of putting bikes into a taxi? They will be fully bagged up and dismantled.
Also, any ideas if you can take them on the shuttle in case we end up going to the city centre?
Finally, does anyone has a recommendation for a hotel within walking (encumbered by a bike and 4 panniers) distance from the TGV.

Many thanks in advance


  • rayboraybo Posts: 86
    While I have no information regarding the original question, I do have a bike in a French taxi story...

    I was in Angouleme and all the hotels were booked for the night (as they often are in that city). It was dark and then next lodging was miles away. I didn't want to ride on the main road in the dark so I rode to the train station and got a taxi driver to clean out the back of his hatchback taxi and to put my bike and all my gear in there and drive me to the nearest hotel.

    As it turned out, the taxi ride cost more than the hotel (Formula 1).

  • You'll have no problem just getting a larger taxi from the line. I've done it a few times with no issue (couple of folk, couple of bikes bagged up)

    If you want to book in advance you could try Thiery on +33 6 08 30 85 74 he's just a random taxi drive that was friendly and helpful, so we took his number and try him first when we're over that way. His english isnt great but like I said, friendly and helpful.

    As for hotels, Ive never stayed in avignon proper im afraid - there are a billion great places between there and ventoux though.... Check out the logis de france site for starters


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