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Kegworth riders.

mr biscuitmr biscuit Posts: 20
edited November 2009 in MTB rides
A couple of years ago while out with a mate riding around Gotham we bumped into some guys from Kegworth who said they meet up at the Red Lion. I'd like to join you on a ride if that's ok.
Hopefully one of those riders will see this post.


  • I live in Nottingham but have been known to ride around Gotham, West & East Leake etc....

    Dunno about any groups from Kegworth but if you want some company one day contact me
  • Thanks Bazz. I'll let you know when I intend to go out locally. It will be a weekday if thats ok.

  • May be a possible but I'm normally at work :wink:
  • ToshmundToshmund Posts: 390
    edited October 2009
    I saw a website of a Nottingham mountain bike/offroad club or something along those lines. In the photos, seemed to be a lot of couples of off-road tandems!? Have you tried typing something with Nottingham MTB related, into Google and then going through the links?

  • ToshmundToshmund Posts: 390
    This comes up in the top to be worth a look if you are inquisitive...
  • Thanks for the info... I'm actually already a member of NATS and enjoy riding with them when I can.
    The Kegworth query was more for midweek evening and poss daytime rides.
  • I was a very early member of NATS in the early 90's. In the days when Sshokwave had a racing team. Got involved with that but NATS fell out with Sshokwave! NATS were ok but a lot of bike tarts there lol! Didn't like getting their bikes mucky.... :evil:
  • I joined in 2001 and there aren't many of the riders who were in the club then that ride today so I doubt if you would know anybody
    We were out today and there was no shortage of mud and nobody seemed to mind.
    I think it's a lot different to the early 90's!!
  • Hi mr biscuit, I am not from Kegworth, but not so far away in Shepshed, drop us a line if you fancy a local(ish) ride one weekday evening.
  • Hi Ingle. Will have to check out my lights to make sure the battery us still ok. Will be in touch. Do you know your way around Whitick woods as I always get lost in them? They would be good in the dark!
  • Hi Mr Biscuit,

    Kind of yes, i can make my way round them pretty well in the daylight - but at night i could wander off track a little - all part of the fun perhaps?
    Drop me a PM when you've checked your lights - we can ride up to Whitwick woods from here.
    Will be a mudfest there now the weathers broke....
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