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Anyway to reattach leg grippers onto a pair of lycra shorts?

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,685
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Hello all,

my gf recently bought 2 pairs of these 27350.jpg from CRC.

Reduced from £85 - £39.99, and very good quality they seem too, and she says they are very comfy.

I reckon she can't have worn each pair more than 4 times overall (She has existing pairs of shorts) but on a very recent wash,whilst away in Cyprus, I noticed the leg gripper had half detached itself from one leg :?

So I could, I suppose see if CRC will change them, but I imagine this might well happen to another pair of shorts at some point, and surely people don;t bin them when the grippers become detached.

So what is the cure??

Stitch them on?
Glue them on?
Double sided tape??

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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  • I've got the male versions of those (funnily enough) and been wearing them for ages with no loss of the gripper. Suggest swap em out tbh as I suspect you've picked an unlucky pair.

    Top shorts tbh - exceedingly comfy!
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