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dawes karakum- good or bad ?

dazza3512dazza3512 Posts: 58
edited October 2009 in Tour & expedition
:lol: hi guys,just joined the forum and looking for some advice on the choice of my first tourer.i have been a cyclist most of my life and have done a few tours before,ie, c2c glasgow2killin,and a few others,used a carrera for many years with a rack on the back and a handle bar bag,never had any issues with this set up,but the bike has come to the end of it,s life now,and i am looking for "proper" tourer without going crazy price wise.
got my eye on a dawes karakum whitch looks the part,and seems well built,with the dawes reputation,and is in my price range of £750.
anybody got one or thinking of getting one,anybody know why i should NOT get one.

any comments greatly recieved :roll:
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  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Excellent bike, if a little heavy.

    However the weight is due to the solidity and strength of the build.

    My wife has commuted,shopped,toured on one for the last 6 years with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

    If the frame fits and you get on with the bars then you will not regret it
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  • cheers for the reply, i thought at 14kg the bike is not heavy,but as you say it is well built,and from a good company,i am going to bite the bullet and get it,and hope i can get used to the butterfly bars.
    i will be using it for commuting,and general riding on tarmac and asphalt paths, with the occasional day trip/weekend tour. hopefully achiving the end2end in a few years time :lol:

    thanx again
    He travels fastest who travels alone
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