Tf Tuned or Mojo?

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had my Fox Float 120RLs for about a year now so i think they could do with a service. Is it worth sending them off to be serviced or is it fairly easy to do yourself? I've never had MTB suspension apart before so not sure what it fully entails.

If i was to send them off to be serviced, is there any diference between mojo or TF? they both look pretty similar except that mojo cost slightly more.


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  • You can do the basics your self but its always worth having a knowing eye give them a good look over. As you have spent so much on your fork I would recommend sending them off. My personal performance is Mojo for Fox forks as they have a very fast turn around, are cheap and have a few times done things under warranty for me even though I had intended to pay. TF tuning charged a fortune to convert my old Lyrik Two Step (the ones there never worked) to coil only to work out a month later I could have got it done for free from Fisher. O well you live and learn.
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    To be honest you should send back to Mojo for service to keep Guarantee
    But also when I sent my Talas back, they updated the controls in the fork
    free of charge
    Dont know if you have rear Fox shock If its the New booster Valve you
    can tell MOJO your weight and they will put in the correct valve for your weight
    for around £ 15,00p extra and this will be as close to Tf / Pushed Tuned as you can
    get without the price tag
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    cool, thanks for the replies guys. Will give mojo a call soon and get them looked over. As you say its worth getting an expert to check them over as know what they are doing and well... i don't !

    My rear shock is a fox triad which will need looking at soon too so will ask about a new booster valve, thanks for the advice.

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    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

    2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp.
    2013 Trek 1.2
    1982 Holdsworth Elan.
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    Don't know much about TF, but as you are still in gaurantee, Mojo is the way to go to keep it going. You get 2 years on Fox stuff.

    Plus the service that Mojo give is amazing. I sent my fork and shock to them and they where back a few days later all done, even with brand new decals on! Top marks!
    Craig Rogers