assos intermidiate jersey

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Anyone on the forum own an Assos intermidiate jersey? If so, are they quite warm. Whats the inner material made of and the arms. What sort of conditions?


  • Ive got one. I wore it all through winter last year and felt warm as toast with just a shell jacket on top. I bought it 2nd hand off ebay for about £20 and its lasted well. The material has bobbled a little bit but its a belting jersey.
  • Great jersey with a windproof front membrane. They are not very thick though, not for use on it's own in winter and if it is loose enough to wear a thick base layer it will be too baggy without. IMO.
    For the winter you need an airblock jacket, if you choose Assos.
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    I've got one. I don't wear it that much though. When it's mild I prefer a gilet and armwarmers and when it's colder, a proper jacket. The windblock material on the body is very good, but the material on the arms is too thin. It might be okay with a L/Sleeve vest though.
    Not one of their best products IMO, and certainly not worth the current price.
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    Assos 851 + Nike Pro compression base layer = awesome.
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    Superb jacket for autumn - folds up small so can stuff into pocket if you get an early start and it warms up, or early evenings as the sun drops. There isn't an inner material - it's a single layer jacket - arms are quite thin but keep the wind out, the front is windstopper fabric (again very thin but keeps the chill off so surpringly warm.

    Temperature wise, it's good for 10-18 degrees depending on what baser layer you wear. If you look at the Assos website they give recommendations for which layers for what temperatures and I find the guide to be accurate.
    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos