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Got a malt 4 thinking off a trek fuel ex8?

little wiserlittle wiser Posts: 662
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hi i know this gets covered a lot ht or full suspension but iv got a merlin malt 4 which after xmas will be upgraded to a very good spec, anyway feel as though im missing out and was thinking about getting a ex8 next year, id keep the merlin hopefully to race on and the trek would be for everything else what you all think?
I know i have not covered all bases with my post so any Q ask away!


  • CycloRosCycloRos Posts: 579
    Don't feel like you're missing out as the Malt 4 is a very capable bike and I doubt there's anything more you could do on an EX8 than your current bike. That's not to say you wouldn't enjoy an EX8 and if you can afford it and fancy a full bouncer then why not go for it.

    Personally I like having the choice between full squish and HT and love riding both my Stumpy FSR and Duster. If I'm riding riding all day I'll take the full bounce if its a quick blast then the HT is usually the weapon of choice, but that's just me. I'm still thinking of adding a third steed too :D
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  • fcumokfcumok Posts: 283
    Funnily enough I have a friend who has an EX8 and is looking at getting a Malt 4. I have a hardtail and a full suss and love them both.
  • ha ha are you trying to tempt me to swap :D .
    Anyone else ride a fuel if so thoughts please.
  • dont ride a fuel, but do ride a malt 4 and own a stumpy FSR - both are amazing in the truest sense. Has been a while since I rode the merlin and been on a local loop tonight I usually do on the stumpy...and absolutely flew round, could not believe how much quicker I went. Having said that I am going to go to hamsterly tomorrow and will definitely be taking the stumpy!
  • BlackBlack Posts: 172
    Two friends just bought the EX 7 last years model for £ 1,299 from Evans
    better spec than this years and same frame
  • valheruvalheru Posts: 87
    I went from a Malt 4 to a Fuel Ex8 (09), no regrets, must admit i dont really ride the Malt 4 anymore as the Trek does everything so well - the only difference is some of the local trails i used to ride seem a bit tame now. In my opinion a FS really improves your riding experience for anything thats remotely technical - i've used the Trek at Swinley/Dalby and the Lake District - it handles everything.
  • I have a EX8 (2009) and it is a fantastic bike, great handling and flies down hill. No exposure to a Malt 4 but would always recommend a EX8.
  • thanks for all your points think i would like to try one but its a lot off money!, can i justify it prob not but will end up with one anyway i think dont really know why but just love the looks but best bike for £2000 im not sure,but one i would buy probably :roll:
  • BurtonMBurtonM Posts: 425
    I demoed a trek fuel ex 8. 09 model. and it just felt like it was going to fall apart. for the price, it just didnt feel sturdy enough for me. thats just my opinion though
    yeehaamcgee wrote:

    That's like saying i want a door for my car that doesn't meet the roof, because I once had the wind blow it shut when I was getting in, and I had my head squished between, well, the door and the roof.
  • so you went for the meta? how much was that and spec?
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