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Woking area cyclists - Tour Series 2010

dombatdombat Posts: 96
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There's the usual negativity going on here regarding 2010 Tour Series

If you liked this years why not put a comment down or write a quick letter to the news & mail to say?

I thought 2009 was really good, but I'm biased!


  • BassjunkieukBassjunkieuk Posts: 4,232
    Seems all the car drivers have commented on that! Living in South London I didn't get a chance to see last years event but ironically I was working in Woking the previous day!! Unfortunately the on-site engineer I was covering for (who incidently works at one of the offices overlooking the route :-() wasn't off that day!

    IIRC there where plenty of signs up stating that there would be road closures and I can't understand this whole "local business will lose out" argument as people seem to be assuming that because people can't use their bl00dy cars then they obviously can't shop! I'm fairly sure all those people that did attend would probably be all to happy to WALK to a shop to make a purchase.

    So if Woking council do bow to the public pressure and don't hold this great event, which will only cause traffic problems for a few hours, might I suggest they hold it in or near Croydon ;-)
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