Assembly drawing wanted - Exage 300LX LH shifter

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Despite routinely stripping and re-assembling these units many years ago, age has caught up with me and I'm now cursing at a wrongly assembled unit with a few parts still lying on the table.

Can anyone kindly point me to an assembly diagram for these? The Shimano website doesn't seem to go back that far - I have tried the Deore instructions, but these are not close enough.

It's from a 1989 Carrera Krakatoa GT


  • jayson
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    Its prob easier to just buy a set of new shifters rather than fiddle around with an ancient shifter that's refusing to go back together correctly.
  • It is my incompetence, not a terminal problem with the shifter.

    With car and cottage restorations on the go, I need to exhaust all opportunities to repair before I replace :wink: