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Lower back ache/pain

rallyrusrallyrus Posts: 56
edited October 2009 in Health, fitness & training
Hi all,

Bought a bike back at the start of september to get back into riding after a year or two out, been going for 2-3 rides a week whenever I've had chance but this last week my lower back has been aching/hurting 3-4 miles in to a ride, any ideas as to why this has started??


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Where's that string and tape measure.

    You could have an underlying back problem that rears its ugly head only when your on the bike.

    Try a more upright riding position.

    Keep more flexible by doing stretching exercises, they really help allot.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
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