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Fox Float RLC 2004 (Cannondale Jekyll 600)

davidharddrivedavidharddrive Posts: 3
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Hello! I have a Cannondale Jekyll 600 mountain bike, which is an 04 model and was bought for around £1300. The rear shock is a Fox Float RLC which is threaded on the sleeve. This means it is extremely hard to replace as FOX do not sell the shocks anymore! So my question is that my rear shock is making a "Squelchy, gritty, unsmooth" sound every time it compresses, and when locked out makes a squieky sound. So I rang up my local shop and they said it probally needs a full service of £120. Now I think that is a lot of money, when I could get a one year old Fox RP23 for the same price on ebay (but it wont fit because of the threaded sleeve). So, I would like your advice!

Shall I buy the £14 sleeve kit (which comes with new seals and lube) - Will it work? Will it be worth it?

Or Shall I buy a Float RL or similar and replace the Sleeve from the old to the new (I dont have a CLUE if that would work, But that would be my favourite option!)

Or should I leave it!

Because I don't like the idea of spending £100 + on PUSHING it, or getting it serviced as I would rather get a new one! Thanks for reading, and I hope someone can help! Your advice would be a god send!

- David


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    call Mojo and have a chat with them.


    your shock?
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  • yeah that's it! Do you think the sleeve will fit on any other shock? Are they universal?
  • dchovsdchovs Posts: 1
    did you resolve this problem bud im having that prob now only mines a fox float L. i want a new shock but have not seeen 1 with a threaded sleave. any info will be gratefully recived.
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    I doubt he's going to reply seeing as he hasn't been back for almost three years.
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