Saracen Ikon: upgrade or replace?

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Firstly Hello new here so common courtesy and all that!
secondly i am the very happy owner of a saracen Ikon and have loved every minute of it
however it i am not a small person and up untill this full susser i rode rigids and part of me thinks that maybe i need the compromise and go for a hardtail. the reason feeling this is that i am not small and i do keep finding i keep catching my feet or the BB when i compress down a drop or dip.
myself and my other half have just started to really get into riding again, mainly doing XC and local riding, mostly muddy if we can!
therefore i am contemplating between a new bike early next year somewhere around £600 mark, orrrrrr do i upgrade and get disc brakes , new forks at the front and just stiffen up the rear sus as much as i can?
all comments and advice taken
thanks :?: :D


  • missmarple
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    I'd suggest you upgrade, there are plenty of decent bikes available for under £600 but finding a decent full-suspension for that price will be a bit of a challenge!

    The only ones I can suggest are the:

    Focus Super Bud
    Giant Yukon FX 2
    Carrera Banshee
    Decathlon Rockrider 6 FR

    All of which are very different bikes in their own right.

    Instead I'd strongly advise on getting a hardtail for that price, take a look at this topic to check out the best deals for your budget:
  • rhyko7
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    i think replace-no offence but your bike sucks, you will instantly appreciate a better bike

    there are some full sus bargains out there Giant, Kona do some nice bikes within your budget, although i would go 2nd hand and get something in really good condition-you will get a lot of bike for 600£ 2nd hand
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    New bike @ £600 a hardtail would be the best option.

    not worth spending much at all on the Ikon, barring normal running costs to keep it going if you want to keep it.
  • Ro88o
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    I too have a saracen ikon,kept it for old times sake and as a spare for anyone. I have to agree with rhyko7 and andyb though, dont bother upgrading it - its an old brick ironhorse thats seen better days.

    I bought a Boardman fs this year for £800 and the difference in riding is unbelievable, light and agile with quality parts - you really will feel the benefits of a new bike.

    If youre content with a ht, im sure you can get a quality bike with decent forks and brakes for £600 - just do a bit of research and try before you buy. :) good luck
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  • thanks for the opinions, i spent some of today looking at it, giving it a clean and went for a little ride, just to mull it over, i think i will replace it and go for a HT, feeling the weight of the frame and locked out the rear sus as much as i could still feel the bounce and just think if i go for a HT i feel more comfortable and stable.
    plus i went to evans cycles in MK and was quite taken with the GT avalanche's but just going to look around see what i can get for my money!
    did like the giants when i was abroad so thats a poss!
    thanks again for the opinions!