Cross tyres questions

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Suggestions please for big cross tyres, say 38mm + ones. For rough stuff use rather than racing. Conti do some listed as 42mm well website calls it a 42mm then in the blurb says 35. Anyway any ideas. Maxxis look good but what do you use. Haven't quite got the rim width for 29er tyres. (22mm internal width)

2ndly. anyone know owt about Wolber cross tubs, specifically the ones with lots of round knobs. Been offered some new ones at a good price and these could go on some GP4/Record wheels


  • You will be lucky to find any real cyclo-cross tyresover 36mm, as that is the UCI size limit for racing (it might even be 34mm).

    You will have to look towards the trekking type tryes that you can get for hybrids.
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    Ah that might explain things a bit. Not for racing but Welsh mountain tracks
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    Schwalbe Landcruisers are considered to be pretty tough - popular with the 3 Peaks crowd and available in a 40mm width. Wolber went out of business a long time ago, so any tub is going to be at least 10 years old.
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