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What a day!

tnwoolleytnwoolley Posts: 114
edited October 2009 in MTB general
Headed of to Patterdale with the missus to do the High Street/Ullswater loop but barely 5mins into the ride the axle in her rear hub works loose and guess who forgot to bring the cone rather then risk causing damage we head back to the car and KMB to see if they can nip it up, which they duly did (thanks guys!)

Decide its a bit late for starting a big ride now so cane it over to Whinlatter for a spin around the blue & red. Around 5mins into the ride the missus manages to somehow ram the chainring into her shin causing copious amounts of blood but bravely she soldiers on. We do the North loop and start on the blue. Crossing the bridge about halfway round the blue the front tyre slips on the teflon like wooden surface and she careens down the gully smashing her head on a well placed rock! Despite (both of us!) being shaken up she was ok (thanks to the helmet which I reckon saved her life!) we both did the blue and finally the South loop. Then the North descent again just for good measure.

Anyone else spend the day watching their other half/mates mangle themselves?!

PS was that bigbenj_08 and his bro I overtook?


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