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Accident in Tooting around 7pm 9/10/09

DonDaddyDDonDaddyD Posts: 12,689
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Upper Tooting road across the road from the Tesco Metro there was what looked like a horrible accident. Police car and an ambulance, three bikes (Specialized Tricross, Giant 1.5 and another bike, I couldn't tell what it was) placed on the ground, two guys standing over a women who was being attended to and about to be put onto a stretcher. It was around 7pm.

Didn't look nice, I was on a relative 'go slow' for the rest of the journey home.

My heart is with all those involved.

(My heart is also with the lady I saw earlier this week, sobbing her eyes out at the top of Balham hill by the Shell garage. She was on her mobile, being consoled by a few people. Her wheel was badly buckled).

Don't like seeing anyone injured or hurt.
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