Carrera vengence

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Hi there, what do you think of this bike. its got hydrolic discs/rocksox without lockout. its also for 299 at halfords. not seen any reviews. person in halfords said, better than vulcan disc. any thoughts please.


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    It was 450, but wasn't really worth that. 299 is a fair price, but the fork is very basic and has no lock out.
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    What is the disadvantage of not having a lock out on your front suspension. Do you use them while in trails or is it mainly for when riding on roads.
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    was it the vegence pro race or disc spec
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    It is this: ... 65499#dtab

    And it was most probably only worth £299 in the first place, lockout is an incredibly useful feature - especially for climbing up hills, prevents the fork from compressing under pressure. If you were to use the bike on the road you could set it to "Full Lockout", this would mean that you would not be able to compress the fork and helps performance.

    For the bike, the gearset is reasonably reliable being SRAM, the brakes have had positive reviews in the past and the chainset is a relatively decent Truvativ model.

    The things to watch out for are the basic Conti King tyres, the own-brand rims and to replace the plastic pedals as soon as.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • I will be picking mine up this tuesday, i just wanted a "fairly" decent bike for not much money for my daily commute to work. Instead of me using my grand tourer. I know i wouldnt have paid the £530 for it though.

    allready have some exustar clipless pedals, i will change the handlebars & seatpost to carbon to shave off a few pounds of weight.

    might change the forks at a later date if i decide i need the lockout
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    Honestly, do the forks first - the carbon is not worth it just yet. The forks are very very heavy, and have no adamping whatsoever.
  • any suggestions?
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    Something like a Tora SL.
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    Got the bike, went out to cannock chase. Really enjoyed the chase. Was muddy and fun. I felt bike a bit heavy ( dont know why). Still novice to riding. I will be using mainly on the rides. very little on roads. Agree pedals are rubbish. cannot comment on any other things. thanks for the help
  • yeah that price is do-able
  • So... Halfords had 3 days to build my bike, On picking it up from the shop, the tires were soft and mushy, Only had 20psi in them, instead of the 65psi stated on the tire. Hydraulic brakes feel a bit wimpy, have to pull the levers just about all the way to slow down. The next day i decided to try it out and ride it to work. when i finished work it was p!ssing down, half way home i cornered not really fast, and had the bike almost skid sideways from under me. These tire have absolutly no sideways grip at all. Thank god i managed to correct the steer by putting my feet down.
    So first on my shopping list this week are some new tires.

    I need some fast rolling road tires
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    The brakes will bed in and the power should come to them with that. The tires are another story, they're prob cheapo OEM versions made with a crappy rubber compound that as you found out provides very little grip.

    Buy some proper branded tires first and ditch the standard jobbies and give the brakes a week or so and things should have improved greatly for u.
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    You don't need 65psi in the tyres! That is the max. most people use about 30psi off road

    The tyres are not designed for wet roads though, they are off road tyres.