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creaking bottom bracket?

biggoofybiggoofy Posts: 2
edited October 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
i went riding yesterday and went down a small drop and now the bottom bracket is making a creaking noise when i pedel not under coasting any idea what would cause this
the bike is a 2010 specialized P1 all mountian


  • yoohoo999yoohoo999 Posts: 940
    possibly spiders inside the shell.

    put a couple of conkers in and see if it stops (apparently spiders don't like conkers).
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    new bike?

    take it back for adjustment.
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  • pemseypemsey Posts: 107
    Not being funny, but are you absolutely sure it is the bottom bracket - I've had a similar experience and it's turned out to be............the saddle! As you're weight shifts when pedalling some saddles can creak just like a bottom bracket - happens to those of us of a more "generous" build :oops:
  • hope this helps. i had a squeak and a creaking sound that i thought was coming from my bottom bracket . but it turned out to be a cracked bash guard . when i tightened the bolts it opened the crack very slightly and the noise stopped. 15 quid to replace and i was very happy and lucky. 45 quid for a new BB . alex
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