South Downs Challenge 18thOct

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I'll be doing this with a couple of mates.Had a look at the route & was surprised as i thought there would've been more climbing(not complaining though).I think it's about 6000ft in around 100miles&there are a couple of steep climbs.I do similar lengths&climbing localy(purbecks)&normaly do it at around 18-19mph on my own.So hoping to do roughly the same sort of speed or mayby a tad faster as i won't be doing it on my own.Although i am a bit of a chatterbox so if we get chatting the speed may decrease somewhat.
Is anyone else on here doing it&if so what sort of times/speed are you hoping for.Or are you just going to take your time &enjoy the scenery which should be pretty good.


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    doing this next weekend but only doing the 60 mile route. Only the second Wilier sponsored sportive so will be interesting to see how well organised it is.

    Prob my last big ride of the year so hope it's a good day out
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    Hey guys...
    Do you have a link to this, please?
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    I am one of the backmarkers on the day. Not sure of my role yet, but it will be looking after those at the back and clearing the course markers I guess. If you see me coming then you're almost in the broomwaggon. :wink:
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    did the 73 mile route yesterday and really enjoyed it. Found it quite tough and am still feeling sore today. Chain came off 4 times so ended up with a time of 06:41 but riding time was only 05:55.

    Felt the first feed stop was too late into the course it was at 37 miles which is half distance and should have been much sooner. I just stopped on my own and had something to eat. Apart from that a very good day out just a bit cold when we started
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    Did the 100mile route&it was a bit chilly to start with.But what a perfect day it turned out to be sunshine all the way&only a very light wind.There were a couple of steep hills but overall a well designed route very well signposted.Would've been difficult to have gone off route.
    Helped my mate round for 70miles{it was his first 100}when he knew he'd be ok to finish at his pace he orderd me to steam off for the last 30miles.Finished in 6:12 my riding time was 5:54 not to bad.My mate did 6:33 a good day of cycling-the best things in life are nearly free!
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    this was a great event and they have a stacked calendar for 2010 which is up on their site.Definately ones for the diary next year.