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Hi all, looking to fit ultegra flight deck, are there any good articles that would take me through it from scratch? any ideas appreciated. Thanks.


  • redvee
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    In simple terms to fit to a bike with compatible shifters you'll need to retape the bars or unpeel the tape to the STI's, peel back the hoods and remove the blanking plate, screw the flightdeck contact to each shifter. Retape the bars and hide the excess cable under tape and mount the computer mount to the bars.

    Tools needed are a small philips screwdriver and patience.
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    thanks redvee, any idea if there are any schematics, its a newbuild & I'm struggling even to undo the ratchets that hook them onto the bars. Don't want to break anything as is my usual wont!
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    You mean the shifters not the flightdeck?
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    yes, the whole unit.
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    try shimanos web site? They carry manuals and schematics for ALL of their gear
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    Thanks bugly, tried their site for some reason the tech part won't download !
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    pretty much worked this out, still struggling on fitting the rear shifter cable though, found where it comes out of the shifter but where it goes in ????????
  • Heave you made sure that the shifter is completely slackened off before trying to insert the cable? The hole will only appear once this is done
  • i think redddragon might have been onto something. are you really fitting flightdeck (the computer etc.) or just shifters that have flightdeck written on them (because they're compatible with the computer system)?

    thread title suggests the latter. just checking!