What waterproof jacket?

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Looking at a waterproof jacket, mainly for the commute but also for longer rides at the weekend over the winter. Had been looking to spend less than £100 but willing to spend over that and must admit I have been impressed with the Gore Bike Wear range coming in at more like £150.

Ideally, want something that folds into a jersey pocket whilst being extremely waterproof. On the commute would generally just wear base layer and jacket, but at the weekends will wear a jersey and just use the jacket when necessary. Since I am wearing it on the commute, visibility is also a concern.

Anyway, was hoping people with personal experience could recommend a good quality jacket...
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    In my experience you can't go wrong with Gore Bike Wear products, they are superbly designed and made. From what you are describing, anything made from Gore Paclight should do what you want. They are, however, usually very expensive.

    I recently bought a Vaude Drop Waterproof which is very minimalist, light and simple, and from the figures on the website (if they can be believed) is more waterproof and breathable than most budget alternatives. Fortunately, since I got it a month ago and the weather has been good, it hasn't been tested in really bad conditions yet, but so far I'm impressed with the build quality for the price.

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Vaude ... 360041248/
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    My waterproof jacket experience:

    If you are spending good money on a jacket there is only one fabric to buy - Gore-Tex.

    The reason is their lifetime warranty. All jackets are likely to fail at some time, when they do, if its made of Gore-Tex then you will get a refund or replacement, even if this is ten years after purchase. This includes any jacket made of Gore-Tex, not just Gore Bike Wear (I am currently using a Gore Alp-X PacLite which is superb).

    Over the last 15 years I have had 5 Gore-Tex jackets, though I only paid for the first one. The others were replacements or bought with refunds from Gore.

    I have had two Altura Jackets - the Reflex was superb, the lightest most breathable, most comfy jacket I have ever had, it "died" after 7 months, fortunately Wiggle refunded me without question. I then Tried an Altura Attack Extreme - again a fantastic jacket, great design, leaked after 4 weeks, refunded by Wiggle.

    My LBS sell Altura, so I asked the manager what would happen if I bought one from them and it leaked - they said they would send it back to the distributor and see what they say. The distributor is Zyro - they gave me absolutely ZERO warranty support on a CAteye light that failed, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for fair treatment from them (though of course it would be the sellers responsibility). Not very encouraging, so I would only buy from Wiggle.

    I liked what I heard about eVent fabric, I bought an eVent walking jacket, works well, a bit heavier than PacLite. I did wonder what would happen if and most probably when this fabric fails - neither the jacket manufacturer nor the fabric manufacturer could give me any clear undertaking about standing by their product, so given the cost is the same or more than Gore, they cannot be recommended on this basis.

    So - Gore Tex PAcLite it is. The Gore Store is a reasonable online shop for Gore Bike Wear. The pricing is competitive, they stock a wide range, service is good, and they send a £10 voucher off your next purchase (bought g/f a jacket).
  • Look up easypeasy121 on ebay. He has some Gore jackets going cheap.
    Good price and quick delivery.
    I bought a Cross for commuting off him which is now the Path II.
    Top jacket. In lemon it's really visible and it will fit in a jersey pocket easily. A little short on reflective pipiing but it has a bit on the back and sleeves.
    Paclite material is superb... does what it says on the tin and all that! Lightweight, breathable and waterproof and lifetime guarantee.
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    PBk white/transparent jacket, folds up tiny, waterproof and breathable, £40.49. Got one a fortnight ago, smashing. :wink:
  • Thanks for your responses guys. Went for a Gore Bike Wear Countdown jacket in the end, loving it so far. Certainly waterproof, although I feel investment in some slightly thinner base layers may be wise!
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    I can recommend Berghaus tech T's for cheap (£20) or Icebreaker Merino wool stuff - a bit pricier, (£45ish) but reigns supreme IMHO http://www.itchyfeet.com/product_info.p ... ts_id=8269