Rampage or Deviant Noggin Covers

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In the range (and they are about the same price £100), any preferences? I know the rampage is heavier, but is it cooler, anyone with experience and advice please. Also fitting! I have a 58' head, how do yu know what fits best? I'm open to other full face suggestions.


NB: I just took ownership of a Dakine Nomad - Excellent bit of kit - outstrips my previous Camel aand will comfortably fit a full face noggin cover.


  • I have a Fox Rampage and it's a damn fine lid. It's hot, but what full face helmet isn't?
    It's well made and the lining is removable so you can wash it when it gets manky, and it will get manky. As for the Deviant, I just couldn't get on with it. It's a bizarre fitting lid with the type of retention system that you'd find on a conventional open face lid. No matter how I adjusted it when I tried one on, i just couldn't get comfy in it, unlike my Rampage which felt like pulling on comfy slippers . . . if you know what I mean.

    The Deviant will DEFINITELY be cooler though, it's got a bazillion vents on it, but I strap my lid to my back when I'm climbing anyway.

    I'd never give sizing advice on helmets to anyone. A poor fitting helmet is a bad idea so get yourself along to your nearest dealer and try them all on, and by all I mean, Rampage, Deviant, THE One, 661 Bravo, Giro Remedy, etc etc, anything you can get your hands on, they're all good. If you find one that fits nice, say "Thanks, I'll think about it" and run home to see if it's cheaper online. Forget all this "Support your LBS!" rubbish. Money talks.

    PS - Don't be seduced by the lure of carbon fibre. It's nice, but it's hardly a necessity IMO. Bugger all wrong with good old fashioned fibreglass.