Campag Eurus - hub adjustment?

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Hi there - the thread elsewhere about the flexible Easton EA90SLX got me thinking about my Eurus..

mainly it made me realise what a bargain I got them for last year (£350) but also that they are SO solid it is untrue - never a hint of flex.

however - tonight after a quick 20miler I tried to flex the wheel and noticed than if I hold the top of thr front wheel I can actually make it flex a little - likewise the back one - although it actually feels a little - Hmm, notchy isn't quite right but as close a word as I can think of.

I am sure they didn't used to do this so do they need a hub tweak?
I thought they had cartridge bearings to be honest so didn't think they would need touching - they haven't done a whole lot of miles either - probably only a few hundred.

so do they have any adjusters in them and if so - does anyone know an online guide?

thanks in advance..


  • I have looked on Campagnolo's web site under; wheels, Eurus, documents and reading the downloaded Manual Part 1 it refers you to Part 2 for the adjustment of hubs. Looking at what purports to be Part 2 it doesn’t mention hubs. Not very helpful.

    I’m not sure if the hubs on the Eurus are the same as those on the Shamal Ultra, you would have to look at the pictures to see if they match yours, but if you have a look at the Manual for Shamal Ultras on the same Web site this does describe how to adjust the hub bearings.

    It is quite straight forward and in my opinion one of the few clever innovations in cone bearing design since......well in quite a while!
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    Are you sure these wheels use cartridge bearings? Fine bearings are one the of Campagnolo's most coveted fancypants show-off items, I'm surprised that they'd let standard fitment cartridge bearings be used in their hubs.

    If they are standard Campagnolo cup and cone hubs after all, then they probably have a collar on the left hand side which is tightened with a 3mm hex key. Slacken this off a little, and adjust the preload as for normal cup and cones. Tighten again to finish.
  • Hi gkerr4, I had a look at the current Eurus at the cycle show yesterday, they do use a similar hub design to the Shamal and as balthazar says there is a collar tightened by a small hex key on the side of the hub. Have a look on the Campg web site and down load the shamal ultra instruction sheet, section 7 gives instructions on hub adjustment, diagrams 18 and 19.

    I am fairly sure you don't need to remove the side covers though as the sheet suggests to adjust the bearings. Much easier than mucking about with cone spanners.

    Why they don't publish a similar sheet for the Eurus is anyone's guess.
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    Oooh - this is good and looks simple enough - I'l have a go later.

    thanks very much for all the replies!