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O.K hears the plan, New bike ariving by the end of the year and hoping to do a couple of meredia marathones next year, as a bit of a newcomer to the mtb sceene i have no clue what leval of trails i will need to be confident on before taking the plunge and doing a marida.
any advice would be realy helpfull.


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    Red trails I suppose but its more the distance you are comfortable with.
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    the trail grading in England and Wales is a joke-Scotland and europe black often means black
    llandegla has a black section which i could probably ride on my BMX
    just ride the trail centres-they aint hard, get used to them and you'l do just fine
    Dont look at it-ride it! they are tools not f*cking ornaments

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  • if you intend to ride through the winter and are nw to MTB, then watch out... seemingly innocent trails can have a nasty way of rearing up and taking a chunk out of your ass! llandegla black will hurt you if youre cocky as will llandegla blue!

    I'm assuming you already have a decent level of bike fitness, but MTB fitness and road fitness are not the same thing. endurance and tech for what you want.