Time RSX pedals - why so many models??

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Hi There - does anyone know what the difference is between all the different models of RSX?

at the top there is the bloody expensive Ulteam Ti ones which are well light and Ti this and that

but the rest of the range is made up of

RSX 'first'
RSX 'edge'
RSX 'racer'
RSX 'carbon'

and somewhere about the range is the RXL ladies!

they all seem to be the same!! - all 260g / pair

the 4 other models are quite small jumps- I think the firsts are about £56, the edge about 70, racer about 80 and the carbon can be had for about £95 - the ulteams are still close to £200

obviously i'm tempted by the carbons but only cause of the 'c' word - but other than design are they actually worth the extra?

any thoughts from my fellow forumers?

(I don't want a what pedal debate as I am committed to time pedals - I have Xen on the posh bike at the moment (entry level ones) which are now on the winter bike so these RSX will go on the 'posh' bike)


  • Monty Dog
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    The pedals all feel the same in terms of use, but the differences are in the materials for the body, axles and bearings. The carbon and ti models feature a carbon-reinforced material - this is a carbon-filled engineering polymer, rather than the stuff bike frames are made from.
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  • gkerr4
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    so is it worth paying more for them?

    I mean the Ulteam Ti ones are out of thr question really

    are the carbons worth it? - or should I just get the racer?
  • I have the RSX first and love them, to be fair i haven't tried the other RSX pedals but the first have lasted well and i have no complaints.
  • gkerr4
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    No disrespect Matt - but the Time Xen's that I have (which use the same cleat as RSX) are the entry level models and they are Sooooo cheaply finished it is untrue! - they are a disgrace on my posh bike - just a lump of poorly finished grey plastic. So I was looking for a set higher up the range in the hope that they are a bit better finished - but on paper they are all the same!! - I guess, like monty says, the upper range ones will be better finished and better bearing etc

    I should probably just stump up and get the carbons at £94
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    I have Edges and Carbons and I'd say there was knack all difference between them functionally.

    Sorry gkerr i don't think that's what you wanted to hear.

    The carbons do look nicer :wink:
  • gkerr4
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    ah crap - not what I wanted to hear - but thanks for clarifying!
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    Have used both the carbon's and the entry level model (the one that you coudn't adjust the tension on). The entry into the carbon's was a lot better, a more positive 'clunk'. the entry model definately felt like an inferior model in use.

    At the end of the day though, both models broke due to tha main body of the pedal snapping after less than 2 season's use.

    speedplays.... :wink:
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    Makes no sense to me either, which is why I went for the cheapest ones the RSX 'first', they seem to work fine but I admit aren't the prettiest. However, on the plus side you can't see them when clipped in.

    Wish they'd bring back Time Impacts. OK a bit heavier but they looked and lasted better.
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    Still running 4 pairs of Impacts after about 5 years - OK the paint has flaked off one pair, but you can't see them when riding! I have one pair of RXs but will wait for the new ones - hopefully they've resolved the problem of the axle unscrewing in use, leaving the pedal still attached to the shoe - can be fixed, but a b*gger if you're racing.
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    I concur it was very difficult to find information about the differences between the pedal ranges. Ultimately I decided they were probably minor and went for close to the bottom of the range with the Edge (second from bottom.)

    There is a small functional difference between the Carbon and the lower pedals in that you can adjust the float on the Carbons- you can't do this on the lower pedals. There are 3 distinct settings on the carbons: you can choose IIRC between no float at all, the default Time 5 degrees or a greater amount (10 maybe?) Note it is a float angle adjustment not a tension adjustment, all the pedals have the tension adjustment or "Sensor Elasticity Tuner" as Time like to call it. It is done on the carbons with a different screw to the SET adjustment. This I garnered from the manual that came with the pedals, it mentioned this adjustment was for the Carbons only. The "Racer" pedals (the white ones) MAY also have the 3 way setting.

    I didn't feel I needed to adjust the float angle so ended up getting the Edge which come with the default 5 degrees float. These have been fine. I tried a friend's bike with the Carbons- they seem fine too. Not worth the extra IMO. It is possible the initial engagement is more "clunk" but once in the Edge the retention is perfectly solid. I have only had problems getting in to them when I have had mud stuck in my cleat.

    Only real downside of the pedals for me would be cornering clearance- I have had pedal strike pedalling through sharp corners in races. Not enough to cause a crash but just to give me a warning. Speedplay are meant to be better on that front. Apart from that they are great I think, the low entry-level pedal price is a big plus.
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    I came across this which may be helpful in explaining matters. It details all the technical aspects between the pedals and their specifications. Quite useful I think.

  • gkerr4
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    that is a handy link actually - thank you.

    there still doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference in the three models - although the carbons are the only ones with the Sensor tuner (??) rather than just three position settings - whatever they do!

    they do look the best though..

    am I trying to talk my way into the carbons??