2010 Cannondale

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Looking to buy either a Cannondale six carbon 105 compact or a Synapse carbon 105 compact.

I know that the main difference between the two bikes is the set up on the Six lends itself to a more racing/aggressive stance where as the Synapse is more every day forgiving ride.

Is it the difference that noticeable?

I want to start racing next year and would use my 2006 Allez as a winter hack to commute and train during the winter.


  • weepiglet
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    Would be interested in this too mate as I'm looking to buy next month but not sure whether the recent write ups in C+ are a load of poop!!
  • rjh299
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    I noticed a difference between the two on a test ride. Thought the Synapse was gonna be my choice because was looking for a more upright position due to long legs, short body but it felt too upright for me personally. Still a nice ride if that's what your looking for though
  • shakey88
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    i got a synapse hi mod ultegra the other day and it's an absolute dream to ride.
    The BB30 means that every ounce of energy in turning the pedals is transfered into driving the bike along,the more upright geometry means you can ride in comfort for hours on end(a big plus for me and my dodgy back) and it's great to race on too.
    A great all rounder,i can't recommend it enough.
    btw get yourself a bike fitting as well to complete the synapse experience :wink:
  • stevenb
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    Try both bikes.
    Depending on where you are in the UK I'm sure there is a retailer local enough to allow you to try them both out.
    Give them a 'off the saddle and pump the legs' sprint test.
    Try a slow bigger gear test and also a cornering/handling test.
    Don't be put off by anything like a saddle being uncomfy as these should easily be changed to one you like.