Returning Goods to Wiggle

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I am returning a set of brakes to Wiggle and have checked weight and costs of sending through Royal Mail (goods are not faulty and I am therefore liable for costs of postage). However I am not sure whether to send Recorded First Class at £3.40 or Special Delivery (Tracked) at £6.70. I was thinking of the former but I see it only compensates up to £39 in the event of loss, and the brakes are worth over £60. Am I being over-cautious in thinking of using Special Delivery for this to ensure I am fully covered?


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    Send them by the cheapest method. Think you can send small parcels less then 1kg first class for less than £3.Stop worrying.
  • cedar404
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    To sound a note of caution. I recently sent back an expensive jacket to a cycle store by Special Delivery. One week later the parcel's status is still undelivered which pretty much means it has gone awol as it should have been delivered next day especially as it was going to a business.

    Fortunately because it went SD I can claim the value back, I was very tempted to just use recorded delivery at the post office as I figured it was going to a high profile business and it would easily get there. Turns out I made the right choice.

    Looks like some Royal Mail worker somewhere will have a nice jacket this winter ... !
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    Remember that there have been postal strikes.Some parcels I sent recently took nearly two weeks to arrive. I have not yet sold somethng(on ebay)that didn't eventually arrive by Royal mail.
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    I would take a chance. In effect you are paying £3.30 as insurance against something that is unlikely to happen and is not life threatening even if it did.