Groupset for £150, Possible?

grant.smith Posts: 42
edited October 2009 in Road buying advice

This year I went to town and brought a new all singing all dancing carbon beauty.

Now winter is upon us, I feel the carbon beauty needs packing away as she isn't going to stay a beauty for much longer.

I have a budget of £300 for a winter bike, I think i've found the frame and he said he would accept offers of above £120, so I figured he will probably want about £150? Which leaves me £150 to kit it out.

Now luckily I have some winter wheels and thought I could use the seat, seat tube and handle bars off my Orbea Orca as these items aren't really going to get ruined.

That just leaves the groupset, I'm not brand ponce, can't afford to be! But is £150 just unreasonable for a complete groupset, i've tried searching for the unbranded Shimano groupset without any success.

Can this be done?